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  1. Nearly a week in and I finally feel properly ill. Couldn’t sleep and my insides are churning. Just over 11 more weeks to go.

    I have to drive literally 30 seconds from you when I go over there and back, but I don’t get to stop. Actually, I also have to go right past two of your old places as well. It’s funny how often that’s happened, like when I temped over Mereway and saw you on literally my last week there. The universe is a dick.


  2. Three weeks in, things have settled a little. I’m just not sleeping, which is one of many possible side effects along with “crying” and “suicide” (seriously). Won’t get the first results until I go over next Wednesday, so merry Christmas I guess. It feels like every time I try and make things better something happens to make something else worse.

    Also, I’m not paying £140 to read those messages, sorry. Maybe if you’d put pictures of yourself on there and the other places then someone would be crazy not to pick you. I know I did, and look how that turned out for me.


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